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Jazzercise Fort Benning
VIDEO: Jazzercise Replaces Smoke Sessions at Fort Benni...

I know the “New Army” has gotten soft…BUT WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET SLIPPERY SAPPER BABY JESUS IS THIS HORSEF*CKERY?!?!?! Fort Benning was supposed to be the last bastion of hope for keeping Basic Training resembling┬ásomething other than a…

Talk Smack about the National Guard
IMAGE: To All Who Talk Trash About The National Guard

This image always blew my mind, nice to see the story behind it. Remember that when you are in the sh*t or are wounded, they just might be the ones who pull some amazing sh*t to cover your 6.

Navy Featured
MEME: The Navy Summed Up In One Image

As they say in the Navy…it’s not gay when you’re underway. Let the hate and jokes begin. We posted it here so we are free of the Facebook Hurt Feelings Police.

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