Cop Harasses and Assaults Disabled Vet because he doesn’t look Disabled

UPDATE II: Sergeant Gary Wilson has been placed on paid administrative leave following the viral video below breaking.

UPDATE: Riviera Beach Police Department’s PIO Rose Ann Brown states that the department has opened it’s own investigation, based on the video below into the incident with Officer Wilson – whom they identify as Sergeant Gary Wilson – and who has been with the police force there for a “long time”. Sergeant Wilson reported the incident yesterday to his department, but Riviera Beach PD only saw the video today, and they would not make Wilson’s report available at this time, as it is now part of an active Internal Affairs investigation file.


This is a problem that a lot of vets run into after the last 10 years of war. Check out the video and comment with your opinion on this police Sergeant’s actions. Slapping the phone out of his hand was a bit over the top.