An Infantry Drill Sergeant’s Thoughts on Integrating Into Civilian Life

It’s my job to change civilians into soldiers.  Some say it’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in the military…

There should be a job that turns veterans into civilians.  I think that would be the most rewarding job. Veterans get a bad rap.  The deer hunter movie didn’t help.  They didn’t even consult one single real veteran when they made that movie.  But you say: “I never saw that movie.”  Yeah well I never owned slaves but there is an aroma of hate lingering in the air and its fed off whispers of a distant past.  There is a stereotype surrounding veterans.  Some of it is written by people that never experienced some real shit, or by someone that wants a scapegoat for their own separate problems.

Sons of FuckeryBut most of it is us leaving the thing we understand and then trying to integrate with civilians who just don’t get our bold behavior and extensive vocabulary.  It’s annoying the shit out of me.  You transform us into steely-eyed killing machines then tell us to be personable, set our guns down and work well with people we were transformed away from.  Stop giving us the option.  Give me a sword and shield and deploy me back to back to back until I don’t come home.

Most infantryman wait their whole lives just to die a soldiers death. Hell, that’s what you breed us for in the first place isn’t it?  A good infantryman thirsts for battle.  To conclude this rant.. I have three options:

1) Don’t let us leave.  We sign a contract till we die gloriously in battle..

2) Keep us close by giving us government jobs so we can support those who still fight the good fight.

3) Hit us with a reverse drill sergeant for a few weeks before we leave to re-teach us that blood doesn’t make the green grass grow.  Help us turn this shit off.  Also if you could help with survivors guilt that would be great.


*ASMDSS Admin Note*
From time to time Drill Sergeants will send us commentary to post. The opinions expressed are their own, we are just providing the platform.