ASMDSS 2018-03-14T19:15:04Z WordPress HMFIC <![CDATA[Following Success of Army’s SFAB Unit, Navy Creates Security Education and Liaison (SEaL) Units]]> 2017-11-02T14:49:13Z 2017-11-02T14:48:18Z by U.S. Navy Public Affairs  26 October 2017 NORFOLK, VA – Following the huge success, fanfare, and funding for the United States Army’s Security Force Assistance Brigades, the United States Navy has announced the creation of Security Education and Liaison...]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[Savage AF Comment From A Vietnam Vet [PIC]]]> 2016-10-05T13:51:39Z 2016-10-05T13:47:52Z We put this one on the website to avoid the hurt feelings police on FB. Leave a comment with your reaction to his comment!]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[VIDEO: Insane Stolen Valor at WalMart Called Out By Veteran]]> 2016-08-23T17:16:49Z 2016-08-23T17:14:27Z I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. Beard, dicked up beret, no unit patch, ranger tab, name tape and US Army switched…even an ROTC Cadet could have called BS. The best part was when he said he...]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[OPINION: It’s Not The Police That Need To Be Retrained, It’s The Public.]]> 2016-08-15T18:40:54Z 2016-08-15T18:40:54Z Police Retrained FeaturedIt’s not the police who need to be retrained, it’s the public. We have grown into a mouthy, cell phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of ‘it’s the other person’s fault’, ‘you owe me’....]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[This Is Why You Don’t Ask Your Drill Sergeant to Sign Your BCT Yearbook]]> 2016-06-27T20:28:30Z 2016-06-27T20:28:30Z Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[The Most Savage Comment I Have Ever Seen]]> 2016-06-22T15:16:13Z 2016-06-22T15:16:13Z Some may say “too soon”, but I haven’t seen this level of Savage with a side of No Chill in a long time  ]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[MEME: Airsofters “Haven’t Deployed” but have “Faced Struggles That 99% Will Not”]]> 2016-06-14T16:56:17Z 2016-06-14T16:56:17Z Words fail me. Other than to say Airsoft guns and tampons have something in common, they both prevent pussies from becoming a bloody mess.]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[Use This to Explain The Difference Between Rifles to Those That Don’t Know About Guns]]> 2016-06-13T18:39:43Z 2016-06-13T18:39:43Z AR Not Assault RifleWe all have those people in our lives that have absolutely ZERO understanding of firearms, how they function, and the differences between them and of course label everything that is not a single shot bolt action an “assault rifle”. These...]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[A Message from a Concealed Carrier to Those Calling for Gun Control after Orlando]]> 2016-06-13T17:02:44Z 2016-06-13T17:02:44Z I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face…and a gun under my shirt and you are none the wiser, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I won’t shoot you....]]> 0 HMFIC <![CDATA[PFC Takes His Zumba Skills to the Next Level During PT]]> 2016-06-10T18:49:06Z 2016-06-10T18:49:06Z PFC Takes His Zumba Skills to the Next Level During PT  I don’t even… At least he is wearing his PT belt…   …and PFC Berry took his Zumba skills to a whole new level! Posted by 126th Transportation Company on Friday, April 4, 2014  ]]> 0