A Basic Training Story from a Gold Star Mom

Normally story submissions are processed and posted with the rest of the BCT stories, but when a Gold Star Mom that has followed the page since 2012 sends us one…we figured we would show it the respect it deserves with its own article post.

Story Below:

So I am an Army mom of 2. I lost my oldest son July 2010. I enjoy your page it makes me laugh and remember my kids and other Army family so here goes my funny story about you guys (by the way I have lots and some pics to prove it!)

So my son was at Fort Knox and we will call the DS.. DS “F”. My very smart son back in the day wanted a tattoo. I informed him that the only one he could get at 16 was “I LOVE MY MOM” right across his ass. He came home with one on his arm with a heart and mom in it. I guess the KARMA on that was basic training… He took a picture of his mom (AKA ME) with him. DS “F” noticed the tattoo very early on and gave him the shit he deserved for such a tattoo then found the picture of me which he took and hung on his door. He found my son’s weak spot.

so everytime they went anywhere it was hey PVT “H” lets call your mom with a full cycle of jokes. It got back to me that if he did’t get to meet me at graduation dinner he was going to smoke him like he had never been smoked before.. I happened to know his first name so that is why we are calling him DS “F”.. Me being me in my world show up in a designer suit and 5″ heels so now I am all but a foot taller than DS “F”. I walk up to him and call him by his first name numerous times with all the graduates watching.. I hug DS “F” and let him know how much I appreciated how nice he was to my son. I laid that shit on thick and gave him the shit in my female kind of way. This went on for about 10 minutes.

By the time I was done DS “F” could not even speak and was a bright shade of red.

My son did NOT get smoked and DS “F” received a lot of shit from everyone..

I hope you find my story a little funny. After reading the posts you have here I laugh a lot, I love your page! I have funny stories about the son I lost I will share later.

Anyway thank you for all your posts and funny stories they do not offend me.