Hate Mail ASMDSS Received From An Angry Dependazilla

Happened to be going through our story submission system when I see a very angry message submitted by an Army Wife who appears to be very upset with the jokes we make about “dependas“, the funniest part of this is her message fulfills just about every stereotype there is regarding dependazillas. So we decided to have a little fun with it and make sure her message is communicated to the ASMDSS Nation.

Be advised, we did not correct any spelling or grammar. She has a “Bachlors degree” so we shouldn’t have to riiiiight? Below the message I run down some corrections.

The message was as follows:

From: f*ck@you.com

Location: f*ck you

IM going to start these by saying i am a army wife with a bachlors degree in womens studies so i KNOW that you idiots are full of sh*t when you constantly bash women and army wifes for being lazy and fat? are you f*cking serious and yes we do serve as much as our husband we keep the homes in order and the kids safe while you get to go run around and play solider. its f*cking bullsh*t and its a full time job for us so get down off your hi horses and calm the f*ck down with that stupid sh*t it pisses me off. sometimes we get a little overweight from not having time to go to the gym and stuff but human anitomy shows that woman are supposed to have some fat. so shut the f*ck up and man up you stupid little boys. i could easy get a job if i wanted especially since i am a college graduate and hard worker but id rather not put my kids in day care and let someone else raise them. so go f*ck yourselfs and get off army wifes dicks! we are not f*cking dependas you men are! you dependa on us to take care of you the kids and the house. ok im done peace

Now i’ll go ahead with my High School Education and correct some of that for her, starting from the top and in order.

  1. *I’m
  2. *this
  3. *I
  4. *an
  5. *Bachelors
  6. *Women’s
  7. *I
  8. *wives
  9. *Sentence should have ended in a period as it was not a question.
  10. *Are
  11. *Husbands
  12. *house
  13. *Soldier
  14. *It’s
  15. *it’s
  16. *high
  17. *Sometimes
  18. *anatomy
  19. *So
  20. *I
  21. *easily
  22. *I
  23. *wanted to
  24. *I
  25. *i’d
  26. *So
  27. *yourselves
  28. *wive’s
  29. *We
  30. *You
  31. *Ok
  32. *i’m

Well, I think that about covers it. Ma’am, they aren’t stereotypes when you keep playing them out.