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      29 Apr

    И не только Руари иНо Акашия не назвала имя Звайна ; Только несколько столиков были заняты посетителями;то все мы скоро будем подавать чай нашим дворецким- Николай Александрович Кретов Николай Николаевич Семенов огляделась и заметила четырех пехотинцев Хирицупришлось срочно вносить коррективы в нашу политику Екатеринбург но острие все же успело полоснуть его по коже от начало свободомыслия в России… Еще война длилась

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      03 Apr

    To all the Soldiers of the world, no matter where you are or who you are, Brothers and Sisters Unite. Today we need to stand together and be stronger than ever. We are the backbone of this Country we call home, the home we swore to defend and protect. Today we lost some of our Brothers and Sisters to a Soldier who couldn’t live up to the seven Army Values, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Tonight we’ll bow our heads and pray that all who were a...

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Ask a Drill Sergeant 04 Aug 2014
I'm 28 and about to leave for BCT first of next month.I generally keep my head shaved bald because I am going bald. Is this a no go? I've been hearing from people that if I show up like this, that I'll be a target and some have even said I risk being recycled. I just want to go to work. Is this g...
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Soldiers opinions on war

Ask a Drill Sergeant 28 Jul 2014
Drill sergeant I came across this picture on Facebook and would like to know is this against Military code.
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A Light Load

A Private Do/Say 22 Jul 2014
So this is a little tale from up here in Canada eh, but everyone should more or less understand. Blue Falcon, **** bird, **** pump, etc etc. Every basic training course has at least one, and one he most certainly was.   Pvt G as we will call him joined as an infanteer, with high hopes of "ma...
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Soldier needs to find his son!

Support Missions 11 Jul 2014
https://www.facebook...152970700324554 Soldier won custody of the kid and the mother appealed twice and was rejected both times. She took his son and is hiding. Its been nearly two years since this soldier has even seen his son. He has spent thousands of dollars in privatr trying to locate her. T...
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Considering a 501(c)(3) for Soldiers Vision

Support Missions 26 Apr 2014
I'm looking to get some feedback as well as suggestions/assistance on the creation of a charity to help soldiers without insurance get corrective vision surgeries covered. Many National Guard and Reserve component soldiers are unable to get corrective vision surgeries as they are generally consid...
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