Legal Shit

Awesome shit my drill sergeant says (ASMDSS) is not officially affiliated with the United States Army, or any branch of the Military. The posts and views depicted on this page are opinions and not official statements of any persons or entities and fall under the speech category of “Satire”, which is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Actual names and likenesses have been changed to protect careers, families, and persons involve therein.

This page is a place for prospective/current/former Soldiers and Drill Sergeants to come and have a laugh and re-live memories from the past and sharing stories. You can also talk some shit. Bottom line is this page is about humor. If you don’t have a sense on humor, execute an about face and be gone.

Don’t try to come to this page angry and indignant, and don’t be a Blue Falcon and ruin it for everyone else.