Recruit Arrives at BCT Detoxing from Coke, Drill Sergeant Changes His Life.

Alpha OutpostPack your bags for a Feel Trip. We get a lot of stories submitted and posted to this site. A few times a month one comes through that moves us deeply. This is one of those stories. Everyone gets caught up in the stereotypical portrayal of Drill Sergeants as loud, angry, knife handing dealers of death and destruction but rarely is the other side of the coin shown. The one where Drill Sergeants know when showing genuine care and concern for a Soldier can do more than a thousand shouted words ever could. This story is a prime example of what true leadership looks like. When these stories come through we like to make them into their own article and ensure more people see it.

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“I went to basic in 2005 when I was 25. My story is different. I didn’t join because I was hooah hooah. I joined to change my life. I was heading down a trail that would either had ended with being in jail or dead. I was a bartender and was into Coke. My family had shunned me away because they did not want to see my life destruct before there eyes. One day I walked to the recruiter station and signed up. I was able to stay clean enough to pass the piss test MEPS. As soon as I got home that day I started to do a few more lines. Fast forward about a month and I left to basic.

During the first week of basic DS B said PVT S bring your battle buddy with you to my office now. I thought the worse and was nervous. DS B asked me what my malfunction was. And I told him I was going through a detox from cocaine. Now I was near the end of detoxing and the DS took of his cover and said PVT I will help you out during your recovery. Thank you for being honest with me and telling me the truth. None of the DS will smoke you on an individual basis but in 2 weeks you will wish you have never looked at Coke.

15 days later the DS came in to the bay and said PVT S come with me. It was a round robin of Drills waiting there turn to punish. I’m not sure how many push-ups crunches sit-ups flutter kicks I did that day but I did it with a smile on my face and said thank you to each DS.

When family day came DS B stated Pvts you better not introduce me to your family or I will embarrass you. My family showed up and I instantly took my parents to meet DS B. I said DS these are my parents. Before DS could say a word my mom gave him a hug and said “thank you for saving my sons life. We will always be thankful for what you did. Our son has spoken very highly of you” I looked at my DS and he had a tear in his eye. And said Ma’am your welcome. This was the first time I had ever seen my DS be nice and genuine.

When I got on the bus to ship out for AIT DS B walked up to me and said PVT S if you ever touch that fucking shit again I will snap you in half! I stayed in the Army for 10 years got married and have a beautiful family and I am very successful in my career and my life.

I owe DS B everything. Where ever you are DS thank you!”