BREAKING: Wounded Warrior Project Fires CEO, COO Due to Lavish Spending

Wounded Warrior Project Execs Fired
NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) — Following the exposure of lavish spending by the Wounded Warrior Project in a CBS News investigation, the group has decided to fire two of its top officials.

Steven Nardizzi, now former CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project, and Al Giordano, now former COO of the Wounded Warrior Project, have been let go by the Board of Directors in charge of the country’s largest veteran’s charity.

Criticisms from more than 40 employees on how the top officials spent funds raised by the organization led to the decision. CBS News sources say the Wounded Warrior Project continues to investigate its financial situation.

Learn more about CBS News’ large investigation into the veterans organization, which uncovered a low percentage of money actually going towards helping veterans compared to other organizations.