Pictures from the Funeral for A1C Mark Howell Show the Power of the Veteran Family

The conclusion to this tale of the positive power of social media, the brotherhood among veterans, and that regardless of branch we are all a family comes to a close. After being alerted that an Air Force Veteran who had no flesh and blood family went unclaimed after passing, and was going to be laid to rest alone, we put out a call to action with this article to help us pack the service. The article and subsequent post to the ASMDSS Facebook page reached a million people and was shared on social media over 25,000 times in a day and a half.

The result was a jam packed service with all branches of service represented, a military funeral and full honors for the burial, and a packed funeral home with the crowd spilling into the streets. For all of you who have been following this story this week, below are the photos and video from the service and funeral procession.

Brings a damn tear to my eye. So proud to be a veteran


Across the Street

Big Rig

Alpha Outpost Knife Photo

Joint Honor Guard

Coffin with Pallbearers

Funeral 1

VA Will Kill You

Funeral 2

Funeral 3

Funeral 4

Funeral 5

Funeral 6

Funeral 7

Funeral 8

Funeral 9

Funeral 10

Funeral 11

Funeral Procession 1

Funeral Procession