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This story is a little different than the normal fuckery we read.

I was in my 5th week of BCT back in 1988. We were in class the morning of the gas chamber learning who knows what the fuck. This was 27 years ago. Our Top comes in the class and speaks to the instructor then looks right at me and says Private Anderson I need to speak to you privately. I instantly start crying as I know this is bad shit. We get out side and he says how do you know what I’m going to say. I tell him it’s got to be bad news from home for first sargeant to pull me out of class to talk privately with me. He then informs me that my grandfather had passed. I was balling like a bitch He then tells me me that he’s already spoken to the CO and my DS’s and that since I had been performing well that I was given 5 days leave to handle my shit at home. And that they are not going to recycle me. He then says we need to leave and I let him know I was there to go through that fucking gas chamber and I was going to do it. I looked like I already went through it. He smiled and said way to soldier the fuck up. He keeps me outside bullshitting with me till the rest of the company comes out.

We all do our thing in the chamber and as soon as I get through it there is top sitting by his personal vehicle. He calls me over and we leave. Now being 5th week BCT. We haven’t been issued our dress greens yet. We head to supply. And get me squared away. Then he takes me to the Chinese shop to have them altered to fit right the duck away where his words So while they are seeing my shit to fit me and top are polishing my shoes and brass and bullshitting like we are back on the block. We then head over to greyhound and get my ticket home then we leave to eat some burger king till my bus departs. Top paid for everything. Alterations, bus ticket, and the Burger King. He told me I owed him when I got to Germany.

Now from the time he told me y grand pops died till I got on the bus he was no longer my first sergant but a fellow solider helping me out. And I’ll be goddamned if after AIT I wasn’t shipped to Germany. He wasn’t my top but he was close enough to cost me a half months pay off post drinking and eating

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