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This isn’t a story about Privates being retarded, or about how how we all got the sh*t smoked out of us, not even about a hilarious line that came from a Drill Sergeant. This one is about Drill Sergeants doing what they do best…helping f*cked up civilians transition into fit soldiers.

When I left home for Fort Knox things weren’t going well for my family. My father had passed a couple years before and we hadn’t yet financially recovered. My family spent 2 years fighting repeated repossessions, we had moved 3 times, and more times than not we had to live without something, be it water lights or gas. I kept this to myself for some time.

Some time in white phase it all fell apart. I had tried calling home and couldn’t reach my mother or brother. My Drill Sergeant, DS G had noticed that something was getting to me. My head just wasn’t in it and suddenly I was just ate the fuck up. He pulled me and battle into his office. He asked me what was going on and I told him it was personal. He had my battle stand in a corner with his fingers in his ears singing the Army Song while I explained that I was scared something horrible had happened considering my family’s situation. He took down a few phone numbers including my Mother’s work number.

The next day during training DS G called me aside, alone. All I could think is I had just fucked the pooch and was about to get booted out. DS G explained to me that he got a hold of my Mother. He told me that her and my brother were currently homeless, living out of a car, and we had to go talk to the commander. I was given the choice to stick it out and soldier on or go home and help my family. Knowing that a third person living in am old Mercury would only worsen the situation of soldiered on.

I was allowed phone calls every Monday and Friday since I could only reach my Mother at work while everyone else just got their one Sunday call. This went on throughout the cycle. Just after our final FTX as we made it back to our Barracks with our newly donned berets DS G pulled me aside. He told me he respected my decision to soldier through it, and told me he knew I had what it takes to make a fine soldier. To this day I won’t forget how much DS G did to help me through a rough patch. Despite my extra calls he never took it easy on me, and when I allowed my situation to get to me and make me slip up he still help my feet to the fire just the same.

I don’t know that I could have made it through if DS G hadn’t proven that while Drill Sergeants are as tough as forged steel, they still have a heart and truly take the care of their trainees seriously!

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