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2005, on the bus for 0 day and I’m sitting beside a kid who’s somehow too shook up for Basic and has way too many bags. The Drill comes on and starts yelling and we all start shuffling off, but again I’m stuck behind this kid who’s moving way too slow with all these f*cking bags. When we’re finally about to get off the kid gets stopped right outside the door and Drills start to swarm on this poor bastard like fat chicks on a Specialist.

“What the f*ck is wrong with you Private?!” they spew at him with knife hands and oniony breath. “Why the f*ck do you have so many bags?!”, “You going f*cking camping Private?!”. Finally the kid mumbles out, “My Mom said if I joined the Army I had to move out, this is all I have”.

The Drill swarm, without lowering their intensity or anger a notch, start to grab his civilian bags from him. “F*cking hooah Private” “We’ll lock this shit up for you” “Let’s go son, get your ass in there”. They take his extra stuff to secure it and the swarm breaks up with one Drill personally escorting him to the killing fields with an arm around his shoulder, supporting and yelling at him for the rest of the day.

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