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It’s the last week of OSUT. My DS had learned my name the week before (fuckin right) and I get called in to his office because it ends up he went to my high school’s rival and wanted to talk shit about it. I stand there and take it, no problem. He says that it’s not often a PVT goes this long through a cycle that he hasn’t screamed at personally, and I say thank you, which earns me 50 burpees.

After I’m done, he asks why I think I stayed out of his sights. I said I just didn’t really mind the screaming and did what I was told, no questions asked. He asked how I could do that at 18.

I said “DS, I was screamed at by my mother for the 3 months leading up to coming here. She’s going through menopause, so as far as I’m concerned, this was a vacation.”

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