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2010, DS H was a younger guy. Blended in real well and was up to date on all the latest stuff. So you wouldn’t know he was a DS if he was in pts. Well one Sunday in the chow line, another battery was in front of us for chow. DS H was in pt’s and blended in and got in their line. He started asking people around him how they liked basic and if their drill sergeants are dicks and trying to get people to talk. Finally someone did and DS H went off. And that guys DS came over and smoked the shit out of him for talking.

That was one of MANY times DS H made us laugh and bonded with us. He’s the type of person that’ll stay in your mind and heart forever. 3 days ago I found out DS H became a statistic of the 22 a day. He felt that was the only way out. If you need someone to talk to call someone. We are family. Call and check on your buddies make sure they are doing alright. Make sure everyone knows they are not in it alone. Suicide is real. Suicide hurts. It doesn’t end the pain it just passes it along to someone else.

R.I.P staff sergeant De’Carlo Hunt.

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