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So its probably our 5th week in to basic at sand hill and we start are all starting to get the hang of things. We had just gotten done with a pretty intense smoke session and DS O decided to reward us with our mail that had been piling up. Letter by letter is getting thrown at us as we are standing at attention, DS O trying to predict who got the first Dear John letter or who’s friend is trying to send dip to them.

Then the world went silent after my name was called. My father was prior Army and his father before him was a Korean War vet, so they knew the game. Next thing I know, I have a brown round on the tip of my nose digging into me. All I hear DS O say is “It looks like you got some comedians in your family PVT N.” What I didn’t see was that my dad, knowing the DS’s look at every letter, wrote on the outside of the envelope “F*&K YOU DS O!! YOU CAN’T BRING ANY SMOKE!!”. This was the exact time I realized that my father was an a*%hole. So, for the next 8 weeks until graduation, my a^%hole dad sent in random letters with these nice messages to DS O. I cursed my family name thousands of times for the barrage of pain I received from them.
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Then graduation day came and my mom and dad show up. DS O walks straight up to my father, who was probably about a foot taller than him like he was going to clock him. Next thing I know they are shaking hands and laughing. I thought to myself “what the f$&k kind of parallel universe is this?!?” It turns out my dad thanked DS O for turning his punk a$& son into a man and told him that he did it for my own good. So thanks dad for getting me back for all the s$*t I put you through by using my DS. A$*hole.

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