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This isn’t a funny story but one that stuck with me. I don’t remember what week we were in basic but one day during mail call one of the privates received a red Cross message one of his family members had passed. He was granted emergency leave but was told that he had to pay his way there and back.

His military pay had been going to help support his family and he only kept what he absolutely needed which wasn’t much. He had no way home. I don’t know who’s idea it had been but someone from our platoon asked the SDS for an unscheduled stop at the PX every one of us stood in line for the single atm and withdrew money.

The following day at mail call Pvt R was presented an envelope with enough cash to get a round trip flight plus some extra to do with as he pleased. This is the experience that solidified in my mind what it is to be a brother or sister in arms.

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