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We had these two privates in basic who we shall call PVT New York and PVT Georgia.

Well, these two PVTs where about themselves and not at all team players. They only sounded off in formation when they wanted to and constantly got the shit smoked out of us.

One day we had a PVT who was going through some serious issues with his family in Haiti. We shall call this private PVT Haiti. Well PVT Haiti mother was murdered by his father. Two days later his father was murdered by his uncle (his mothers brother). That same day his uncle was killed by Haiti police and his uncles wife commited suicide. This all happened within a 5 day period.

The Drill Sergeants were tracking this and the chain of command offered to send him home to deal with his family situation. PVT Haiti refused to go because this was the only way he could help his family get out of Haiti. PVT Haiti was a very quiet and humble soldier that bothered no one. He kept to hiself and read his bible every day and his faith in God was strong. The DSs warned us not to mess with PVT Haiti at all so we did what was told except for PVT NYC and PVT GA.

One day after a block of instruction on combatives all the Privats in 4th platoon (Reapers) decided to do their combatives match inside the bay right befor lights out for the night. So we had diffrent matches and we were able to settle anomosity. Well PVT Haiti was sitting minding his own business when PVT GA decided to call PVT Haiti out. We all warned PVT GA not to mess with PVT Haiti plus no one had beef with PVT Haiti not to mention DS told us not to mess with him at all. PVT GA did not listen. PVT GA said he could take down anyone in the bay. I called his bluff and so did many other but he did not accept and said he wanted to take down PVT Haiti because PVT Haiti won all his matched during the actual matches we had during the combatives course. PVT Haiti still refused and told him that he could have his turn at him the next day. PVT GA did not want to take no for an answer.

So PVT GA snatched PVT Haiti’s bible out his hand and threw it accross the bay. At that point everyone in the bay that was a Christian lost it and started at PVT GA. We all stopped when we saw PVT Haiti climb off of his rack. As soon as PVT Haiti foot touched the floor PVT GA stepped to PVT Haiti face to face and said the infamous words that got his ass kicked from one side of the bay to the other sided of the bay…. “do somthing” PVT GA didnt even get a swing in on PVT Haiti that night.

The Next morning the DS came in for PT and told all the soldiers who were going to sick call to fall out. DS saw PVT GA face and almost died laughing. He asked PVT GA what happend and he told the DS he fell off the bunk. The DS asked “how many bunks did you fall off of……. a couple of hundred….. no one leaves until someone tells me what happened.” at the time PVT Haiti told the DS what happend. The DS then told PVT GA “thats what the fuck you get you dumb fuck…. there was a reason I told dumb privates not to mess with PVT Haiti.” The DS asked PVT Haiti if he could share his story and PVT Haiti gave his permission. At that point the DS told us about PVT Haiti family. PVT Haiti told us after that he hoped that it would inspire us to push through basic if we thought about giving up. -End-

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