SUPPORT MISSION: Volunteers Needed to Help Finish Renovation of Fallen Soldier’s Home

ASMDSS Nation UNITE! We were contacted by friends of the family to help get the word out about this mission. We can’t help everyone all the time, but here we all have an opportunity to give not money but our time and skill to help the family of one of our fallen.

I spoke to Mr. Barrett and they need help in the following specialties: Siding, Painting and Trim. If you or someone you know is in the Bellevue, KY area or can travel there to help out Mr. Barrett says they can get the home finished quickly. The family has been in a hotel for 100 days so far.

If interested in volunteering, email or call Michael Barrett at or 513-557-8727

Check out the video and article below for the full story:

Updated: Wed, Aug 19 2015, 10:16 AM BELLEVUE, Ky. (Joe Webb) — When Michael Barrett set out to renovate the family home of fallen soldier Russell Madden, he thought it would take 90 days. “I would’ve never dreamed this project would take this long,” a frustrated Barrett said from the Madden’s half-finished living room. Barrett uses donated materials and volunteer labor to renovate the homes of families whose loved ones are killed in action. He has collected all the supplies he needs to renovate the Madden’s home but can’t find the workers to do the work. “I focused so much on material for this house because I knew we needed so much. Didn’t so much figure on labor and volunteers because I figured they’d show up.” Barrett relocated Madden’s family to a hotel in May and figured he’d be done by now. His new goal is to complete the project in 30 days. Barrett says he’s already collected about $160,000 in building materials and donated labor. The only material he needs to complete the job is some furniture, doors and appliances. But Barrett desperately needs siding workers, painters and concrete finishers. Tuesday morning, August 18, the only worker on-site was a volunteer tile man. Last weekend, Barrett got a boost from Give Back Cincinnati. They provided a dozen volunteers who prepared the backyard for concrete, decking and fencing. “We were busting up concrete and levelling out the yard,” said Give Back Cincinnati’s Lauren Doyle. “Physically busting up a deck and moving a shed and doing a lot of outdoor work.” Doyle says Give Back Cincinnati will have more volunteers on-site for the next two weekends. They’ve also recruited additional help from some students at UC and Crossroads Community Church. She encourages people to visit their website,, and sign up to volunteer. Barrett says the Maddens will essentially have a new home when the project is finished. They have added new drywall to every room, installed new wiring and HVAC and oak hardwood flooring on the entire first floor. The kitchens and bathrooms will have granite counter tops. All of it donated and installed by donated labor. Barrett is frustrated the work isn’t done yet but is happy with the project, “I wouldn’t say it’s a struggle because really it’s not. At the end of the day, it makes you feel good as a person for what you’re doing for a family that’s lost so much.”

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