VIDEO: Tailgater gets brake checked and then crashes

This is some criminal sh*t. If you are not actively PASSING, stay the f**k out of the left lane. If you see someone coming up faster behind you, move over into the right lane where you belong and let them pass instead of being a self righteous self appointed speed cop. That being said it is never smart to tailgate that close. Stay a distance back and flash your lights to indicate your desire for them to quit being an oxygen thief and move over.

If you sit in the left lane and hold up traffic, you are more of an A-Hole than the guys that drive around Ford Crown Victorias with the spotlights still installed. I sincerely hope the driver is tracked down and charged with multiple felonies.

Where do you stand on the issue? Who is in the wrong, the tailgater or the brake checker? SOUND OFF!