Soldiers forced to sit through “white privilege” training during Equal Opportunity brief


US Army troops were forced to sit through a lecture on “white privilege” last year, according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Acquired by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the PowerPoint presentation -entitled “Power and Privilege”- was included in a diversity training session that was presented to over 400 soldiers of Fort Gordon’s 67th Signal Battalion back in April of last year.

An image of the slide appeared later on the Facebook page U.S Army W.T.F! moments

and generated a torrent of negative comments about political correctness run amok.

In the presentation, soldiers were informed that “privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to others simply because of the groups they belong to, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do. Privilege has become one of those loaded words we need to reclaim so that we can use it to name and illuminate the truth.”

The presentation went on to state that “race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans or to how white privilege affects them. To be white in America means not having to think about it.”

Army spokesperson Captain Lindsay Roman told USA Today that the block of instruction was not authorized by the US Army.

“The unit (Equal Opportunity) instructor deviated from the authorized topic and content which was provided,” Roman said. “To prevent further instances, all unit instructors will receive additional training on the importance of following Army EO training requirements.”

The slide appears to have been adapted from work by Allan Johnson, a sociologist and author, according to Wayne Hall, an Army spokesman. Johnson, in an email, said the concept is consistent with his work. Although he noted that part of the quote should be attributed to author James Baldwin.

You can view the original presentation in its entirety by clicking here